Avenue Electron

Next generation in electromobility


One Pedal Driving System

The driver may operate the vehicle by using only throttle pedal, this adds up 15% more range.



Charge plug is CCS Model 4 type and IEC-61851, ISO 15118 compatible. The vehicle can be charged with different capacity chargers. Charge time is 4.5 hours with 90 kWh DC Charger and 3 hours with 150 kWh charger.


Shift Selector

To maximize regenerative braking power the shift selector has 4 basic programs. 50% regenerative power for selection “D”, 75% regenerative power for selection “1”, 50% regenerative power for selection “2” 0% regenerative power for selection “3”. The vehicle can recover 70% of the energy thus extending the range.


Direct Drive System

Electric motor is connected to the axle directly without transmission. Motor has 3 windings inside, during take off and climbing all windings are active to supply full torque. During constant cruising 1 or 2 windings shut off to reduce power consumption.

Technical specification

Length / Width / Height (m)

12.095 / 2.550 / 3.237

Front/rear overhang (m)

2.757 / 3.533


Up to 80 seats and standing total


3 Phase x 3, High Efficient Permanent Magnet Motor


5 hrs with 90 kW  3 hrs with 150 kW with DC Charger

Air conditioning

Guchen / Valeo / Heavac

Additional features

EBS3, ESC, Kneeling&Lifting, Side Kneeling (ECAS)