MD 9

It’s big on the inside 

OUTSTANDING CAPACITY – The MD’s compact form contains a surprising amount of space. With 40 seats, a 280 L fuel tank and a 5m• luggage compartment it’s easy to drive tourists to any location. 

OUTSTANDING COMFORT – Independent front suspension and automatic transmission contribute to excellent driving comfort. First-rate ergonomics and a spacious, modern interior design ensure passengers and drivers enjoy a smooth journey. 

COMMERCIAL DECISION – Low weight & stainless steel construction combined with optimum powertrain, MD minimises operational cost without compromising comfort.

Technical specification

Length / Width / Height (m) 9,380 / 2,400 / 3,327
Front/rear overhang (m) 1,900 / 2,880
Seat capacity 39
Luggage capacity 5 m3
Engine MAN D0836, 290 hp (opt. 250 hp)
Тransmission ZF 6 S 1110 (opt. ALLISON T280R / ALLISON T325 R)
Air conditioning 24 kW
Additional features Кitchen Unit, WC, Аudio & Video systems