A new standard in luxurious touring 

OUTSTANDING DRIVING COMFORT – The HD is engineered and designed with driver comfort in mind, enhancing the pleasure of long-distance trips. 

HIGH QUALITY INTERIOR – A high quality, fully-featured interior ensures both driver and passenger have everything they need for a relaxed and enjoyable experience. 

POWER AND ECONOMY COMBINED – HD works hard to create a quick return on your investment. By performing better while consuming less fuel, it minimizes the operational cost per passenger.

Technical specification




Length / Width / Height 12,276 / 2,550 / 3,625


13,076 / 2,550 / 3,625
Front/rear overhang 2,766 / 3,410
Seat capacity 55


Luggage capacity 9 m3 


11 m3
Engine DAF MX 11 320, 430 hp
Тransmission 12 AS 2301 BO
Air conditioning 35 kW
Additional features Wheelchair lift, Кitchen Unit, WC, Аudio & Video systems